Untitled 2019
The project  displays a collection of images that combine various mediums and styles. In a way,  they are photographed collage work of different techniques that together, tell a story about the relationship between human and object. 
The Object, designed and created by Avi Ben Shoshan, functions as the missing body part within the puzzle. It completes the human form and creates a unique two dimensional symbiosis between the two dimensional image and the three dimensional object, and vice versa. 
The collage was created by a xerox print of a 35 mm black and white roll of film photographed and created by Malkiella Benchabat especially for the project at hand. The final result; aka the collage between ceramic object and print, was photographed using a digital camera. 
An interesting and multifaceted dialogue concerning shape and composition emerged between Avi Ben Shoshan (designer) and Malkiella Benchabat (photographer), thus accumulating in an intriguing relationship between the crafts in each one of the images. The relationship between the body and the object is questioned as the division between who is body and who is object- becomes unclear, and especially due to the attention given to the composition of the image which harmonizes between the amorphous ceramic figure to illustrate body parts. The selected images refer to moments in the history of photography and art and question the joining of different disciplines and crafts into one cohesive work. 

Photography: Malkiella Benchabat
Art: Avi Ben Shoshan
Objects: Avi Ben Shoshan
Model: Omer Ga'ash