ABS Objects is a design, art direction and ceramics studio founded in 2018 in Tel Aviv by Avi Ben Shoshan.
The visual language of ABS Objects refers to nature, organic shapes, the middle eastern color palette and the local materiality. We are inspired by archeology, art and design history and by traditional craftsmanship. We are interested in the dynamic relationships between humans and objects and our goal is to create sustainable and timeless pieces. All of our ceramics are glazed and handmade from stoneware. As a result, every object is unique and slightly different. We love the natural inconsistencies of the ceramic process and we are excited you like it too.
Avi Ben Shoshan is a Tel Aviv based designer and maker, bachelor of the Industrial Design department of Shenkar college of art design and engineering. Specializing with a variety of materials in a studio located in Tel Aviv, Israel.