The project connects between two local design fields: fashion design and product design.
The connection between softness of textiles and the tough characteristics of ceramic objects create an interesting meeting point, especially the opposing attributes of steady vs. flowing natures of the materials.
We tried to examine how the relation between man and object is formed and how a ceramic object changes its form from decorative object with a certain purpose to a wearable object with a new function.
In this project we tried to present a certain local esthetic shared by designers from different practices. Both Ben-Shoshan and Kushnir produce their items in a process that in many ways modernizes local traditional craftsmanship. The use of ceramic material and natural, light fabrics both in soft, worm colors and forms is driven from our local Middle Eastern weather, light and landscape that serve as a major inspiration to both designers.

Tali Kushnir is a Tel Aviv based fashion designer, her brand T.K was founded in 2015.Kushnir designs clothing for both men and women, offering an “at ease” approach to tailored, classic clothing, with a focus on work wear as her inspiration.

Goni Riskin is a photographer and artist based in Tel Aviv. In her recent photography work she’s examining connections between architectural and urban sculpting fragments in order to expand ideas and views through her fashion and portraiture skills, some of her works, included collaboration with artists from different fields. 

Clothing by Tali Kushnir
Ceramic objects by Avi Ben Shoshan
Photography by Goni Riskin
Model: Ariel Gaba